Marketing your small business on Facebook Read

Social Media, and Facebook in particular has now become an increasingly useful tool for brands and having a strong presence on all social networks is important. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are just starting out, or your brand is already established, launching a marketing campaign can always seem quite daunting, but now through the use of social media, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. In fact, there are a few steps you can take to improve you brand awareness on Facebook at least:

  • Use a third party platform to manage and distribute your content – If you are looking to push content across a few social networks then logging in and logging out from each can be a time consuming task. There are however tools which can help you avoid this. HootSuite and Tweetdeck both allow you to do this, posting from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all at once.

  • Use social plugins – The most underused tools are social plugins. As these are free this is a great way of marketing your brand or message through referral traffic. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are you should leverage these free social plugins across all of your web presence where possible.

  • Use what is available – Facebook provides a free tool called ‘Facebook Insights’ which lets you create a free report of Facebook metrics and see which status updates and content performed best and analyse what is driving your Likes. This exports into an excel document and is a very powerful tool when analysing your Facebook marketing efforts.

  • Make sure you are available – Use a simple but powerful service called Name Vine, and check that your name is available for your social media URL’s. It needs to be simple, easy to remember and tie in with your existing website URL and brand.

  • Set-up the right applications – Global brands can afford multiple custom applications and promotions – small to medium-sized businesses though don’t have budgets that even come close. However, there are services which provide the kind of applications that most businesses need. Although these free models won’t allow you to have a customised app, you can manage content and visuals within a pre-developed app. The most important thing to set up is a welcome page which should be the default landing page welcoming the user to an application, and if the user wants to see more then they need to “like” the page, and secondly you should implement a contact us page, helping you convert your fans into sales leads.

  • Take advantage of Facebook ads – Facebook ads are a cost effective way of increasing your brands visibility throughout the Facebook platform. You can buy into this with a small ad spend, with a budget as small as £50.00 per month being sufficient enough for a small business to make some impact.

  • Sponsorship – Another way to invest into Facebook advertising is to leverage Sponsored Stories, this has showed a 46% higher click-through rate, alongside a lower cost per click.

There are many ways in which you can utilise Facebook to really aid your marketing activity and brand awareness, and Facebook provide a lot of help and resources here.